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Via Nino Savarese

Places of the Myth of Demeter - Ceres: Rocca di Cerere


The site is part of the Places of the Myth of Demeter inserted in Places of Myth and Legends - included in the Register of the Region of Sicily LIM (Places of gods and minor divinities)

Places reported on the IWB: 

  • Rock Sanctuary (Agrigento)
  • Rocca of Cerere (Enna)
  • Promontory of Trapani
  • Top of the Etna Volcano (province of Catania)

The following is an excerpt from the sheet Places of the Myth of Demeter.

of the sanctuary, its presence would be confirmed by an inscription found on a boulder that was probably placed at the foot of the statue of Demeter. Cicero speaks extensively of the cult of Ceres in Enna (Verrine II.IV, 106-112): he says that, although there is a temple dedicated to Ceres in Rome, some priests of the Roman people left on pilgrimage for the sanctuary of Ceres in Enna. He also says that Verre, unable to take possession of the statue of Ceres located in front of the temple dedicated to her because it was too large, stole the statue of Vittoria[1] which the goddess held on her right hand.

Most of the coins from Enna were inspired by Demeter; also the slave Euno who, after the first slave revolt in Sicily in 139 BC, called himself King Antiochus, had the figure of Demeter represented on his coins with a wreath of wheat (as B. Pace points out, this element does emerge more the indigenous nature of the cult)[2]. One of these copper coins is now in the British Museum in London.

[1] Vittoria, to be identified with the Greek Nice, is the personification of victory and is depicted as a winged young woman. Later, this representation influenced the classical iconography of Christian angels.

[2]Biagio Pace: Art and Civilization of Ancient Sicily vol.III. page 471.

Card insertion: Ignazio Caloggero

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Information contributions: Ignazio Caloggero, Region of Sicily

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