S. Fratello holm oak wood (ITA030022)
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Holm oak of S. Fratello

Site type: SAC - Special Conservation Area

Code: ITA030022 - Hectares: 391


 It is a mountainous area affected by more or less uneven surfaces whose altitudes are between 900 and 1300 m. From a geological point of view, the substrates are mainly represented by flysch, schists and gneisses. The bioclimate falls mainly in the upper subhumid mesomediterranean or in the supramediterraneo at higher altitudes. The forest vegetation is represented by holm oaks which in some cooler and humid valleys are enriched with deciduous wood essences, such as Ostrya carpinifolia. At higher altitudes, the holm oak wood is replaced by the beech wood. In the stretches with looser and more incoherent soils there is the cork wood. There are also frequent aspects of substitution of a shrubby type.

Heterotopic holm oak in contact with the beech forest. The herpetofauna presents notable emergencies with species of Annex II of the Habitats Directive and of the red list. The invertebrate fauna is also rich in endemic species, whose range is often limited only to the Nebrodi area, and / or rare, stenotope and stenoecias. diffusion of evergreen holm oak woods or mixed with Ostrya carpinifolia. Less relevant is the presence of cork and beech woods. Here there are also several entities that in the regional area are rare or considered of significant phytogeographic interest, in turn mentioned in the list reported in section 3.3 (D).

Source: Ministry of the Environment Natura 2000 form

It falls within the Nebrodi Park

Ministerial data: Ministerial Map    Natura 2000 form

Card insertion: Ignazio Caloggero

Photo: web

Information contributions: Ignazio Caloggero, Region of Sicily

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