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97 Corso Vittorio Emanuele II

Workers in the Sulfur mine

Workers in the Sulfur mine

Workers in the Sulfur mines.
Photo by Fulvio Roiter (1953). Based on his book 'Visibilia', two miners at work in a sulfur mine in Caltanissetta. Forced to work naked due to the sweltering heat and because the vasstiti clung to the skin. The poet Alessio di Giovanni dedicated to the 'carusi', the children who transported the sulfur out of the mine and who began to work at the age of seven or eight, these lines: '... Scìnninu, nudi,' mmezzu li lurdduma / di li scalazzi ' nfunnu allavancati; / and, ccomu a li pirreri s'accustuma, / vannu priannu: Gesùzzu, flat! ... / But ddoppu, essennu sutta lu smaceddu, / grìdanu, vastimiannu a la canina, / ca macari 'ddu Cristu' the annuna ... '

Workers in the Sulfur mine Workers in the Sulfur mine

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