The Devil's letter
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The Devil's letter

Interested places:

  • Monastery of the Benedictine nuns of Palma di Montechiaro (Monastery of the Holy Rosary)
  • Agrigento Cathedral and in the Lucchesiana library of Agrigento



What is known as the Devil's letter is kept in the monastery of the Benedictine nuns of Palma di Montechiaro (Monastery of the Holy Rosary), in what was once the cell of Sister Maria Crocifissa della Concezione, born Isabella Tomasi, daughter of Prince Giulio Tomasi di Lampedusa and ancestor of Giuseppe Tommasi di Lampedusa, author of The Leopard". Copies of the letter are kept in the Cathedral of Agrigento and in the Lucca library of Agrigento. 

The Devil's Letter would be a letter that was received on 11 August 1676, from Sister Maria Crocifissa della Concezione and would not be in a known language, although it contains words of Greek and Arabic; and that is why, therefore, it has been called 'of the Devil'. Legend has it that Sister Maria received from the Devil himself who wanted to tempt her; only she understood the text of the letter, which from then on she signed it with her reply: 'oh dear', still clearly visible.

From 23 January to 29 February 2000, the letter was exposed to the public on the occasion of the third centenary of the death of the nun. A copy was also presented, some time later, at the Cathedral of Agrigento, following the opening of the "Treasure Room"; this to allow easy viewing to a wider audience.

Below is the report drawn up by Abbess Sister Maria Serafica della Concezione (Source: Alessandro Giuliana Alajmo website:

On 11 August 1676

She is found in Cella seated on the ground out of feeling with her left half face smeared with black ink, holding a Calamare on a flap, and under her left hand a small sheet of unreadable script. The words spoken by her in this rapture with other news are described by Mother Sor Maria Serafica.


Ave Maria

On the 11th of August in 1676, the Sisters noticing that while the Ninth was being recited in the Choir, Sister Maria Crocifissa was absent, so, leaving promptly to see what she had, they found her seated on the ground with the left half face all smeared with very black ink; over her dinochia she had a Calamajo with a pen and under her left hand an open note, but of an illegible character.

He showed great difficulty in breathing, and how severe suffering he had had inside.

Meanwhile, all the Professed Sisters arrived, called by the Superior to see this success (according to Maria Crocifissa alienated from senses) and observing the Sisters the Note, and for the difficulty they had in tying it who said one thing and who another.

In this while Mary Crucified thus replied with a somewhat severe and zealous voice

+ Alas, they say, it will be legible on the day of judgment - This Diabolic Memorial is sent from Hell to Heaven - Against the unjust he asks for justice - Great things contains this hungry talk.

Here he put his hands in confusion and said:

+ Alas they want me to be the miserable courser.

And having been a good piece in such a manner, without saying a word, she came into herself, but very exhausted, nor being able to stand upright, it was necessary to place her on the ground.

She was so stunned and astonished that she kept her eyes fixed on the ground, it seemed that she had thought things of great attention and fright. Then, when his Sister questioned her what was new (since the two younger Sisters were also there), Crocefissa began against her custom to tell her the whole story in detail.

She said that having confessed days before, the Demons told her that many words had spoken of irreverence towards her Confessor.

Crucified about this, she was very saddened by what she was told about those liars, not remembering how much they blamed her, with all this she wanted to make a Polesino to send him to the same Father, asking forgiveness for how much he had lacked.

It was never possible even to make a syllable, so much of this was believed ignorant, so confused not knowing what farce, when suddenly she saw herself surrounded by a large number of furious evil spirits sent by order of infernal Lucifer who vociferating against the Divine Majesty , they said not to exercise the justice due, but everything was Mercy and pity towards the delinquents, no longer striking justice towards those who deserved it with so much interest (i.e. towards Lucifer) and particularly from few days in here they were very angry.

So they forced Crucifix to say a prayer, imploring God's justice that if she had done so much in an instant they would have seen great things done by the Divine Furore. So, for menzo di Crocifissa the Divine Mercy was used not to let justice be unloaded on deserved punishments. And while Crucifix did not allow him to ask for justice, so much was the sword of God inside the scabbard, but by consenting very terrible it would have been unsheathed. In a word they did not neglect with their words, and reasons to persuade her, but finally seeing that Crucifix made herself strong neither with prayers nor with threats, being able to obtain this, said one of those who seemed the most majestic and revered and very proud and full of the most pains. degl'altri: We make a memorial to God asking him justice of what belongs to us, and taking the paper, and the pen that Crocifissa had in order to write, and commanding one of those cursed spirits to write, he was immediately obeyed, and while dictated what he wrote.

The words were all against God.

All this was done in the presence of Crucifix with a crowd of innumerable evil spirits.

When the first chapter was completed, they forced Crocifissa to sign it, which if so much would surely follow the intent, and taking the pen instead of subscribing wrote a bitter Ohime, which seen by the enemies, were immensely furious, that one of those out of anger he took the Calamajo to throw it on his head, but the Lord did not press it, because if this happened he would surely die, because it was Bronze, and very big, but they left it with this slaughter.

They returned again in the hour of rigorous silence, begging her in good faith so that she would be persuaded to subscribe to that supplication to the Lord, calling her holy justice, and that becoming absolute negative, they took again that memorial which had begun, and added two more chapters to it, deferring the 'from each other, containing three important shops. In the end, the one who dictated took the memorial of what he wrote and signed himself with the same unknown characters and gave it to Crocifissa telling her that in any case he would sign in that other part where it had been signed, otherwise it was of no success, without the I consent to her, and unwilling to adhere to Crocefissa in any way.

Then the Spirit all fury and rage took the pen and smeared half of her face with ink, leaving her the memorial with an express order, that with his Prayers he would take it to Heaven, requesting from God what it contained, instructing him to respond quickly, that if she did not do this they would severely punish her and with foribund threats they left.

Crucifix still wanted to recite the prayer invoking Divine justice, moved by zeal as today unjustly in the world we deal with the Creator, since there are so many followers of the Devil who have changed God for an ember of hell, seeing them themselves. Demons who want justice against his miserable followers, who will do it when they are in their power.

But with all that Crucifix had so much desire to ask the Lord for justice, she never did.

It contained that Memorial, as I said, two other shops, being in three chapters that is one to ask for justice from the Lord, but the other two it was never possible to say, with all that was prayed to by his Sisters, he replied: Do not ask me about this for heaven's sake, I cannot say it in any way, and neither must I say it, that the time will come when you will hear and see everything.

I said further that he saw from Heaven to the Abyss very great prepared snares and a labyrinth of nets so subtly warped, and deceptively used, that the whole could be called a chaos of confusion, and how dangerous, as much to the sight of unknown men, and hidden, especially to those who may wait to know how to travel well through the districts of this miserable world.

He saw many things and knew Crocefissa who, in astonishment, was stupid and senseless. He said other things, which I don't remember well due to lack of memory.

After a good piece of time, Crocifissa did not remember that he had said such things to the Sisters, and he said to them, you who know what is new? I have not spoken anything, perhaps I have said nothing to you and not as it seems to you, since I have not spoken at all, so seeing in this way the Sisters agreed with it that they had not understood anything.

Here are some videos from the network.

In this second video you can see the letter in a video of the Monastery of the SS. Rosary:


In September 2017, a group of researchers from the Ludum Science Center of Catania, using military-grade decryption software, would have successfully translated 70% of the letter. As well as computer scientists, the staff also included psychologists and historians.

Scholars tend to affirm that the letter was the fruit of the nun's imagination, perhaps not so convinced of what the cloistered life required. She would have limited herself to randomly mixing terms and representations known to her; the canonical version, on the contrary, considers it the fruit of the struggle of the nun against the malignant. 

“It took us four months to decipher it - he says Daniel Abate, director of the Ludum science center in Catania -, thanks to a software downloaded from the deep web which is used by Turkish intelligence to decrypt ISIS secret messages. After tracing a psychological profile of the nun, we inserted the Latin alphabet, ancient Greek, Arabic, the runic alphabet and that of the Yazidis in the algortm: the meaning that emerges from the mysterious code is' God does not exist, trinity is a fake, there is only me '». 

“We believe that life as a noblewoman in the cloister caused her a lot of psychophysical stress and this letter is the result of a bipolar disorder - continues Abate -, but we were surprised to have found an overall logical sense despite the fact that 30% of the document remained incomprehensible ». And Abate concludes: «We were also amazed by the fact that after our work, several leaders of satanic sects called us, convinced that we have kept the true message hidden under the Church's imposition because of the dangerousness of meaning. Now from Urbino we have been asked to translate the inscriptions of the painting 'The ideal city' ».
Here is the complete translation of the letter: "Of symbols that I who clausa livegio know are the source of a misfortune perhaps now certain styge xy <tliyi vuode since I Christ the Zoroaster follow the ancient ways or seamstresses sewn by men, oh dear, restore me, serve no one, this is a ballast system. three a god that I feel free mortals xi I am always for this ».

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