The Grutta di li Panni
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The Grutta di li Panni

It is said that in a cave called “di li cloths” located in the greenhouse area, on a rainy evening a boy took refuge there with his flock. As it continued to pour, the boy, after having dinner with a loaf of bread and some cheese, was forced to stay in the cave for that night. Crouching as best he could in a sheltered corner, he fell asleep. But at midnight a modulated song from a salesman woke him up suddenly. Amazed, he looked around and no longer saw the cold and dark cave, but a real market with many stalls and many people around who came and went, who sold and bought. He immediately noticed the strangeness of that market: everything on display, whether it was fruit, nougat, tools or other, was gold and silver. He went to the fruit stand and asked for the price of the oranges and apples. The salesman replied that he could give him four silver apples for a penny, and four golden oranges for two pennies. The little boy rummaged in his pockets, luckily found some coins and bought all the fruit he could. Then, after wandering the length and breadth of the strange market, he felt tired. Then he chose a place sheltered from the people and fell into a deep sleep. The first light of dawn woke him up, and he realized he was inside the cave he had chosen as a refuge the night before. All regretful he thought about the dream he had had during the night, and even if reluctantly he prepared to go out. But great was his astonishment when taking his haversack he found it unusually heavy. In a hurry he opened it and saw the gold and silver fruit he had bought in the strange market. All happy he went home and, like a good son, handed the fruit to his father. The father sold the apples and oranges and the whole family from that moment on became wealthy. (Source: web, author: unknown)

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