Settlement and Prehistoric Necropolis of C.da Piano Vento
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Settlement and Prehistoric Necropolis of C.da Piano Vento (Chianu Ventu)

The site concerns a chalky-limestone hill located 15 km east of Agrigento, a few hundred meters away from the sea, dominating the mouth of the palmese basin. The sides of the hill are affected by now abandoned sulfur mines. On the top terrace of the hill, yes
they retain the remains of a Neolithic settlement, consisting of circular huts. The slopes of the neck, on the other hand, are affected by the remains of a necropolis from the Eenolithic era, of which pit tombs, hypogeic chambers and well tombs, dug into the mountain, are preserved.

Neolithic / Eneolithic - VI-I millennium BC

Property subject to archaeological constraint pursuant to law 1089/1939 - DA n. 1637 of 7/06/1991 and DA n. 6579 of 17.05.1995

(Source text of survey form n.384 Landscape Plan of the Province of Agrigento - Archaeological Heritage)

Archaeological Heritage Sheets Landscape Plan of Agrigento

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