Orange and Fennel Salad
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Orange and Fennel Salad

It is a dish of Sicilian origin that is proposed in different versions, more or less rich, which follow the gastronomic tradition of the various countries, but also the occasion in which it is brought to the table, and depending on the case it is served as an appetizer , as a side dish, but also as a halfway between fish and meat dishes.

Basically it is prepared with oranges, fennel and black olives and seasoned with salt, pepper, the juice of the same oranges and olive oil, strictly extra virgin and possibly Sicilian! In the richer version, toasted pine nuts and raisins are added and in some cases also sweet red onion, but it is also prepared in a simpler version where only oranges are seasoned.

And if you want to stay light combined with meat or fish it is an excellent single dish, to be consumed perhaps for a quick lunch or during the lunch break.


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orange and fennel salad

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