The places of Virgil's literary tale - Capo Passero
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The places of Virgil's literary tale - Capo Sparrow

It is one of the places of Virgil's literary tale included in IWB register of the Sicily Region (The Places of the literary, cinematographic, television story) - Sector “The Places of Virgil's literary tale. For details see the sheet: The places of Virgil's literary tale

This is the list of places entered in the LIM register:

(Aeneid book III)

  • Gulf of Trapani (Trapani);
  • Temple of Venus (Erice, Trapani)

(Aeneid book V)

  • Scilla and Cariddi (Strait of Messina);
  • Etna Volcano (province of Catania);
  • Archipelago of the Cyclops (Aci Trezza, Catania);
  • Mouth of the Pantagia stream today Porcaria (Augusta, Syracuse);
  • Gulf of Megara Iblea (province of Syracuse);
  • Peninsula of Tapso today Magnisi (province of Syracuse);
  • Island of Ortigia (Syracuse);
  • Eloro River (province of Syracuse); 
  • Capo Passero (Pachino, Syracuse);
  • Swamp of Camarina (province of Ragusa);
  • Gela (province of Caltanissetta);
  • Agrigento; Selinunte (province of Trapani);
  • Stele of Anchises (Erice, Trapani)

(Aeneid book VIII)

  • Vulcano Island (province of Messina)


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