The Places of Vincenzo Rabito's literary tale - Augusta
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The places of the literary tale of Vincenzo Rabito - Augusta

It is one of the places included in the IWB register of the Sicily Region (Places of literary, cinematographic and television stories) - Sector "Places of Vincenzo Rabito's literary tale". For details, refer to the sheet The places of Vincenzo Rabito's literary tale

This is the list of places entered in the LIM register:

  • Chiaramonte Gulfi (province of Ragusa);
  • Comiso (province of Ragusa);
  • Modica (province of Ragusa);
  • Regalbuto (province of Enna);
  • Piazza Armerina (province of Enna);
  • Vizzini (province of Catania);
  • Licodia Eubea (province of Catania);
  • Grammichele (province of Catania);
  • Scordia (province of Catania);
  • Augusta (province of Syracuse);
  • Catania;
  • Syracuse;
  • Palermo;
  • Ragusa

Card insertion: Ignazio Caloggero


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