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The Places of the literary tale of Theocritus (Archipelago of the Cyclops)

The Places of Theocritus' literary tale are included in the “Regional Map of Places of Identity and Memory” (LIM) established by the Region of Sicily with DA n. 8410 of 03/12/2009

The reference sector is that relating to "places of the literary, cinematographic and filmic story ".

The places of the literary tale of Pindaro included in the IWB: 

(Idyll XI) Etna Volcano (province of Catania), Archipelago of the Cyclops (Acitrezza-province of Catania)

Idylls are a collection of 30 poems in hexameters, of which the eleventh concerns Polyphemus. 

XI - The Cyclops

There is no remedy, Nicia, for love

not ointment, not powder, it seems to me

none other than the Pieridi. Something

light for men and suave

this is it, but finding it is not easy.

And I think you are well aware of that

as a doctor you, at nine Muses

more delight than any other. So then

he passed away without any thought

the local Cyclops, Polyphemus

of ancient time, when it appeared

recently on the mouth and temples

the first beard and loved Galatea.

He didn't love her with apples, with roses

or with rings, but like a true madman

and nothing had more weight to him.

His sheep often returned

sun in the fold, away from green pastures,

and he, alone, singing Galatea

on the seaweed-covered coast

it was consumed until the dawn

with a hideous sore under the heart

and of the great Cyprid in the liver

the arrow stuck. But he found the remedy;

sitting on top of a rock

so he sang with his gaze on the sea:

“O white Galatea, why do you reject

who loves you, you whiter than cheese,

of a more tender, more proud lamb

than a calf, brighter and smoother

of sour grapes, you who appear to me

together with sweet sleep and you disappear,

as soon as the sweet sleep goes away?

Flee like a sheep that has seen

a gray wolf? And I of you, child,

I fell in love when you came to gather

the first time hyacinth leaves

with my mother on the mountain; I was guiding you.

Since I saw you I couldn't stop

never again even after; and to you, by Zeus,

you don't care. I understood,

beautiful child, because you run away from me,

because it extends over the entire forehead

one long, shaggy eyebrow

from one ear to the other and I have only one eye

and flattened the nose over the lip.

Even so, however, thousands of sheep

I take to pasture and drink excellent milk

milked from them and I don't miss cheese,

in summer or autumn or in the middle of winter;

the racks are always full of them.

Like none of the Cyclops here

I know how to whistle and I sing to you, my love,

you sweet apple, often late at night,

and myself together. For you I breed

eleven doe, all with collars

and four little bears. But you come,

come to me: you have nothing to lose,

let the sparkling sea quiver

above the shore. Inside my cave

the more gently you will spend the night

near me. The laurels are there,

flexible cypresses, black ivy

and there is the vine with its sweet fruit,

there is fresh water, ambrosia for those who drink

that makes me descend from the white snow

Etna covered with trees. In front of

to these things who would like to choose

the waves of the sea? And if I look like myself

too hairy, I have oak wood

and a perennial fire in the ashes.

For your part I would even endure

that I burned my soul and even

my only eye, of which nothing in the world

for me it is sweeter. Alas if with the gills

my mother had brought me into the world,

and I could dive right up to you

and kiss your hand if you don't want to

that you kiss your mouth! White lilies

I would have brought you and tender poppy

with red petals. But in the summer

some blossom in winter

and I couldn't all together

bring them up to you. Child now

I want to learn to swim right away

if by chance a stranger comes here

aboard a ship, to understand

because it is so pleasant for you

inhabit the abyss. Galatea,

maybe you would come and, when you come,

forgot to go home,

as it happens to me sitting here.

And you wanted to go to the pasture with me,

milk the milk and firm up the cheese

pouring in the sour rennet!

Only my mother doesn't do me justice

and I regret it with her,

never put with you on my account

a good word, yet he sees

that, day after day, I perish.

I'll tell you my head is throbbing

and both feet so that he grieve,

since I am also afflicted ”.

O Cyclops, Cyclops, which way

in the depth of yourself have you flown?

If I came to weave baskets

and to pluck the shoot for the lambs

you would certainly make more sense.

Milk the one next to you. Why do you chase

who runs away? No doubt you will find

another Galatea, even more beautiful.

They invite me to have fun at night

many girls, all screaming,

when I listen to them. Then it's clear

that I too am someone in the country.

And so he grazed to the sound of music

Polyphemus his love, and he was better

than if he paid money.


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