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The Places of Pindar's literary tale

The Places of Pindar's literary tale are included in the “Regional Map of Places of Identity and Memory” (LIM) established by the Sicily Region with DA n. 8410 of 03/12/2009

The reference sector is that relating to "places of the literary, cinematographic and filmic story ".

The places of the literary tale of Pindaro

  • (Olympic 2, 8-15) Akragas River, today's San Biagio (Agrigento)
  • (Pitica 6, 6) Agrigento
  • (Pitica 12, 1-3) Agrigento
  • (Olimpica 5, 11-12) Camarina (province of Ragusa)
  • (Nemea 1, 1-4) Ortigia Island (Syracuse)
  • (Pitica 2, 7) Island of Ortigia (Syracuse)
  • (Pitica 2, 1-2) Syracuse
  • (Pitica 3, 69) Fonte Aretusa (Syracuse)
  • (Nemea 9, 40) Eloro River (from Syracuse)
  • (Olympic 4, 6-7) Etna volcano (province of Catania)
  • (Nemea 1, 1-20) Volcano Etna (province of Catania)
  • (Pitica 1, 13-28 30 61-65) Etna Volcano (province of Catania)
  • (Pitica 1, 67) Amenano River (province of Catania)
  • (Pitica 1, 75-80) Imera River (prov. Palermo)

Pindar is considered to be the greatest of the Greek operas; the first in the canon of the "nine lyrics" composed by the Alexandrian grammarians. The four books of Pindaro are well known Epinics, divided according to the destination to the different Panhellenic festivals, OlympicPythicsIsthmicsNemee.

Pindaro spent several years in Sicily, in particular in Syracuse and Agrigento, with the tyrants Gerone and Terone for whom various compositions concern Sicilian characters:

Olympic: poems were written for the winners of the games in honor of Zeus:

  • Olympic I: For Ierone of Syracuse winner in the race of the steed(celete);
  • Olympic II: In Terone di Agrigento winner in the chariot race;
  • Olympic III: Again for Terone of Agrigento winner with the cart on the occasion of the Teoxenie;
  • Olympic IV: Psaumida di Kamarina winner with horses;
  • Olympic V: At the same Psaumida by Kamarina winner with the quadriga, with the mule cart and in the race of the courser;
  • Olympic VI: Per Agesia of Syracuse winner with the mule cart;
  • Olympic XII: Ergotle imerese winner in the long stage;

 Pythics: hate dedicated to games for Apollo:

  • Pitica I: For Gerone of Etna winner in the chariot race;
  • Pitica II: For Gerone of SIRACUSA winner with the chariot;
  • Pitica III: For Gerone of Syracuse winner with the steed;
  • Pythic VI: To Xenocrates of Agrigento winner with the chariot;
  • Pitica XII: In Midas of Agrigento auleta.

 Nemee: odes were written for the games of the same name:

  • Nemea I: Chromium Syracusan winner in the horse race (kròmio Aitnàio Ippòis);

Isthmics: Epinics for the games dedicated to Poseidon:

  • Isthmian II: For Xenocrates of Agrigento winner with the chariot;

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