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The places of the literary tale by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa (childhood memories)

Well included in the IWB register of the Sicily Region (The Places of the literary, cinematographic, television story) - Sector "The Places of the literary story Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa

This is the list of places entered in the LIM register:

This is the list of places entered in the LIM register:

(Childhood memories): Palazzo Lampedusa):

Lampedusa Palace (Palermo);

Filangeri Cutò Palace, Mother Church, Municipal Villa, theater (Santa Margherita Belice-Agrigento);

Santa Margherita-Montevago state road (province of Agrigento);

Santa Margherita-Misilbesi state road (province of Agrigento)


Childhood memories, as the title itself suggests, they are a collection of autobiographical notes by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, written in the summer of 1955. The work, which remained incomplete, was not intended for publication in the author's intentions. It was printed in 1961 four years after the death of the prince and three after the publication (also posthumous) of Il Gattopardo. The Feltrinelli publishing house, after the great success of the novel, decided to also publish the collection of the minor works of Lampedusa, under the generic title of Stories. The care of the collection was entrusted to Giorgio Bassani, at the time consultant and editorial director of Feltrinelli, who made use of the help of Alexandra Wolff Stomersee, called Licy, widow of Lampedusa who provided the typescripts of the texts, drawn up under her personal dictation. The widow in addition to title the text Places from my early childhood, he tried to give the scattered notes a more defined and organic narrative structure. The modifications she made, however, were not limited to the form, but also affected the content, in fact, having in mind the memorial and private nature that her husband had given to the text, the widow eliminated many personal references, altered names, places and suppressed even entire anecdotes, profoundly distorting the writing. After Licy Lampedusa's death in 1982, the complete autograph was found in a medium-sized notebook with small squares, bearing the title that Lampedusa had given him: Childhood memories. The childhood memoirs of the Sicilian noble were republished, corrected and revised by Gioacchino Lanza Tomasi, in 1988.

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