Garamello caves
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Garamello caves

They are two cavities, side by side and almost identical, located immediately east of the Carini-Cinisi municipal border, marked on the Gr.te di Garamello tablet about one km SW from the Grotte di Armetta Reserve. They are identified by the presence in the area in front of a rocky tower about ten meters high. Both are hollowed out in a crumbly, crumbling limestone; they do not contain deposits nor do you see any breaches on the unstable walls, nor are there traces of an ancient anthropic presence on the outside. F ° 249 III NE Carini; Grotta Garamello Ia, SI. PA. 220, UTM Coordinator: 33SUC37522378; Altitude: m 600, Length: m 16. F ° 249 III NE Carini; Grotta Garamello IIa, SI. PA. 221, UTM Coordinator: 33SUC37522378; Altitude: 600 m, Length: 15 m (Text source: Giovanni Mannino Piero Galati: Carini Archaeological Map)  

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In-depth documents:

Giovanni Mannino Piero Galati: Carini Archaeological Map. Download file:  NOTES_FOR_THE_ARCHEOLOGICAL_CARTA_CAR

Giovanni Mannino: Guide to the Prehistory of Palermo - List of prehistoric sites in the province of Palermo - Sicilian Institute for Political and Economic Studies - 2008 - Publication produced with the contribution of the Regional Cultural Heritage Department,
Environmental and Public Education.   
Download the document:  Guide-Prehistory-of-Palermo_10c8pt2p

Western Sicily Studies, reviews, research by Carmine Ampolo. Download file: Monte_dOro_di_Montelepre_The_ecropolis_of

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