Caves of Contrada Malatacca-Benfratelli
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Caves of Contrada Malatacca-Benfratelli

“This name designates a vast area upstream of the Cervello Hospital with a crag pitted by nine small cavities with a development from 5 to 27 meters. All the caves are emptied of the ancient deposit, only the talus can
keep traces above all of Hippopotamus. In the Geological Museum GG Gemmellaro, from the "Malatacca Grotto", a small fragment with bell-shaped decoration is preserved. I point out the Grotta di Mezzo and the Feudo di Mezzo, Pa. N. 171. The name was given by Domenico Scinà who made an excavation there.

Benfratelli or Giumenta cave. Pa. N. 175.
Small cavity with modest extensions to make it habitable in the last conflict. Domenico Scinà carried out some probes, probably outside, and collected the remains of Hippopotamus and elephant molars. On both sides of the entrance there are traces of a breach with fossil bones. In the talus, some flint chips testify to the presence of man in the prehistoric age. "

(Text source: Giovanni Mannino: Guide to the Prehistory of Palermo - List of prehistoric sites in the province of Palermo - Palermo: Sicilian Institute for Political and Economic Studies, 2008. 

List of caves and associated cave cadastre number:

  • Cave of the Feudo di Mezzo n.171
  • Parisi cave n.172
  • Trabusso cave n.173
  • Shelter n.174
  • Mare cave n.175
  • Grotticina in the wall n.176
  • Slit # 177
  • German Cave No 178
  • Cave of Pigs n.179

In-depth document: G. Mannino, B.Zava: The caves of the Falesia di Malatacca-Benefratelli (Palermo) in Boll. Gioenia Sci. Nat. Academy. Vol. 27 n. 348 pp 5-15 Catania 1994

download document: Malatacca-Benfratelli

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