Salerno cave
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Salerno cave

Grotto cadastral number: n. 31 

“The Salerno Grotto is a cave modeled by the erosive action of the Pleistocene sea that opens at the foot of the Baida dolomite ridge, on which the Franciscan convent of San Giovanni Battista stands.

The cave consists of a single room with an almost circular plan with a diameter of about a dozen meters, with a jagged profile. In the terminal part of the cavity a landslide occludes a further development.
In the anterior sector of the cavity a well about 4 m deep is dug which, through a tunnel, leads outside near the route of the former Palermo (Lolli) - Salaparuta railway.
The finding on the entrance wall of flint tools with a fallen back from the upper Palaeolithic period unequivocally attests that the cave was inhabited by prehistoric man.
Surely in the following centuries it was used by shepherds who carried out masonry works inside. During the Second World War the inhabitants of Baida also took refuge there to escape the bombs dropped by Anglo-American planes.
Now the visit to the ingrottato is forbidden due to the fencing of a private property.

" (Text source: Rosario Abbate: facebook page:

In-depth documents: Rosario Abbate: The caves of Baida (Palermo) Geomorphology and Paleontology

download the document: Rosario Abbate; The Caves of Baida

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History of Sicily - 1.2.1: Religious sentiments and burials in the Paleolithic and Mesolithic

History of Sicily - 1.2.2: Art in the Paleolithic and Mesolithic

History of Sicily - 1.2.3: Archaeological sites of the Sicilian Paleolithic and Mesolithic

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