Cave of the Stalactites
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Cave of the Stalactites

This dive takes its name from the extraordinary cave found on the coast, in Zone B of the Marine Protected Area; the huge square blocks, which start from the impressive vault of this cavity and plunge in disorder into the water seem almost to have been sculpted by time in the shape of columns and remind us of the millennial activity of erosion, emergence and immersion of the Plemmirio cliff. From here begins our dive where the buoy placed at about 14 meters takes us to a seabed full of ravines and Freemasons. Here many species find refuge, first of all the apogon imberbis, king of mullets whose males keep their eggs in their mouth until hatching.

Continuing the exploration of these colorful cracks you can meet red scorpionfish of considerable size and descending along the walls of this site, among the omnipresent apogon we often come across specimens of musdea and further down on the coralligenous sediment we can find the extraordinary bernard hermit example of symbiosis with its anemones. ... The ascent to the surface still reserves for us the spectacle of the orange madrepores, studded with purple red starfish and specimens of yellow madrepora up to the top of the Freemasons, where keeping the coast to the left we will be accompanied towards the buoy by very dense shoals of bream bandaged, now accustomed and not at all intimidated by the presence of divers. (Text and video source:

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