Corvine cave
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Corvine cave

I went down along the buoy and proceeding towards the west, there is a jagged seabed, full of ravines populated by numerous king of mullets covered with false coral and yellow madrepores, and where huge bream peep out between the cracks in the rock. The morphology of the seabed here is irregular, alternating short plateaus with sharp ridges, or even huge Freemasons stacked on the sand. Following the plateau in a south-westerly direction until almost touching the coast, you arrive at the entrance to the grotta delle corvine. The atmosphere here is surreal, the dimensions of the entrance to the cave leave us amazed, the white sand of the bottom, the diffused light from the enormous entrance, the almost smooth, square walls, shaped by the currents, lead us pleasantly into a room whose backdrop it is populated by young apogon, cowree, and hermit crab, and in the most hidden ravines by the very elegant ravens that give their name to one of the most suggestive and fascinating caves of the Plemmirio Marine Protected Area (Source test and video: https: // plemmirio .eu / marine-area / diving / itineraries / grotta-delle-corvine /)

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