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Straw Cave 

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The "Grotta della Paglia"  it is located on the eastern slopes of Pizzo Muletta, in an already restricted area. It is a small shelter of marine origin which is accessed by a narrow slit in the oblong rock. Fortunately spared from a building excavation, it has returned fragments of Greek pottery with black paint and small fragments of impasto pottery, mostly coming from the area in front of the entrance and datable between the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries BC.    Used as a refuge in the Paleolithic age, it was probably transformed into a small sanctuary in the classical and Hellenistic periods. The archaeological literature reports finds of fragments of the Middle Neolithic (Copper Age), Hellenistic and medieval.  (Source of the text:

Site subjected to archaeological constraint DA n. 5149 of 28/01/1997, unitary constraint 1089 for Pizzo Muletta.

In-depth documents:

Giovanni Mannino: Guide to the Prehistory of Palermo - List of prehistoric sites in the province of Palermo - Sicilian Institute for Political and Economic Studies - 2008 - Publication produced with the contribution of the Regional Cultural Heritage Department,
Environmental and Public Education.   
Download the document:  Guide-Prehistory-of-Palermo_10c8pt2p

Municipality of Capaci - General Town Plan - List of cards of buildings and artifacts to be protected. Download file: listof factories and manufactures

Bibliography and further in-depth documents:

100) FIRST SICILY - AT THE ORIGINS OF SICILIAN SOCIETY - volume first edited by Sebastiano Tusa Palermo 1997.

198) D. Petruso - V. Forgia - L. Sineo: The human population of Sicily: an interdisciplinary review in the Archive for Anthropology and Ethnology - Vol. CXLIV (2014)

Download file:  SINEO et al

200) Gioconda La Magna (edited by) Between Etna and Simeto - Archaeological research in Adrano and its territory - Proceedings of the study meeting for the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Adrano Museum Adrano, 8 June 2005 - Library of the Regional Province of Catania 2009. Download file: The_Neolithic_in_Valle_del_Simeto 

Ignazio Caloggero:

History of Sicily - 1.2. Paleolithic and Mesolithic:

History of Sicily - 1.2.1: Religious sentiments and burials in the Paleolithic and Mesolithic

History of Sicily - 1.2.2: Art in the Paleolithic and Mesolithic

History of Sicily - 1.2.3: Archaeological sites of the Sicilian Paleolithic and Mesolithic

Information contributions: Ignazio Caloggero Web

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