Forte Cavalli Battery (Forte Umbertino)
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Forte Cavalli Battery (Forte Umbertino)

Monte Gallo in Larderia
It was part of the fortification system called Forti Umbertini. Initially known as Battery Gallo dal Monte in sui is found, later the Battery was named after gen. Giovanni Cavalli. Inside is the exhibition of the "Permanent fortifications of the strait" is the largest cannon in Italy.

Forte Cavalli is home to the "Historical Museum of the Permanent Fortification of the Strait of Messina", created with the collaboration of the Bonino-Pulejo Foundation and the contribution of the Department of Culture, Tourism and Entertainment of the Municipality of Messina and inaugurated on 11 May 2003.

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The Forts called Umbertini are so called because they were built during the reign of Umberto I of Savoy for the defense of the Strait. It is a system of fortifications that is part of a broader plan for the defense of peninsular Italy. Commissioned by the Minister of War Milon at the end of the 7th century. The Royal Decree of 12/1882/1128 n. XNUMX initiated the start of the procedures for the construction of these fortifications. The Umbertini Forts were scarcely used, also because they were not completely suitable for the new forms of attack with the arrival of the planes, still not present as much as the fortifications were conceived and designed. Strong followers fall within the Messina area: Mangialupi, Masotto, Monte dei Centri, Campone, Cavalli, Ferraro, Ogliastri, Petrazza, San Jachiddu, Shiaffino, Serra La Croce, Dinnamare, Spuria, Menaja Crispi.

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