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The following is excerpted from: Sicily between History, Myths and Legends - Vol. 1: From Prehistory to the Phoenicians  Author: Ignazio Caloggero - ISBN: 9788894321951)

According to Homer, the Phaeacians inhabited Sicily in the same period as the Cyclops with a higher degree of civilization than these but with less fighting capacity, so for fear of the Cyclops they emigrated together with their King Nausitoo in Scheria, the current Corfu helped in this by the their knowledge of nautical art. The Phaeacians were in fact believed to be a people of sailors.

According to historians Vibio Lequestro and Eustazio [4], Ipperia, which was later called Camarina, was a city of the Feaci. Indeed, archeology has shown that even before 589 BC, the year in which it is believed that Camarina was founded by Sicuracusa, there was a pre-Hellenic Camarina inhabited by the Sicilians [5].

[4] Giovanni E. Di-Blasi: History of the Kingdom of Sicily. Vol. I p.20

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