Cathedral of St. George
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Cathedral of San Giorgio Ragusa 

The construction in Baroque style of the building located in Piazza Duomo, began, on a project by Rosario Gagliardi, in 1739 and the inauguration took place on April 30, 1767. The dome, built by the master builder Carmelo Cutraro was added only in 1820 A new addition occurred at the end of the XNUMXth century, with the wrought iron gate by Angelo Paradiso of Acireale.

The façade, on two levels, is characterized by the “tower” façade which incorporates the bell tower in the façade and ends with a bulbous spire. On the cusp, under the cross, we read the date 1775, which indicates the conclusion of the works on the facade.

In the first order of the central party there is a large portal with a frame rich in friezes and reliefs with plant motifs, while the wooden doors have a sculptural decoration, in six panels, with the depiction of episodes of the martyrdom of St. George, the work of the carver Vincenzo Fiorello from Palermo, who built them in 1793. The interior, in the shape of a Latin cross, is divided into three naves with stone pillars and a plinth in pitch. The carvings that decorate the cornice and the capitals of the pillars were made between 1779 and 1781 by the sculptors Giambattista Muccio and Giorgio Nobile of Ragusa.

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