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Via Duomo, 100, Agrigento

Convent of the Redemptorist Liguorini Fathers

The portals and doors are surmounted by windows and balconies supported by decorated shelves.
In the central area through an atrium you enter the church of San Alfonso; on the first floor a rear, parallel and staggered body houses the cells of the convent and the refectory.
Inhabited by the Liquorini Fathers until 1860, it was the seat of the Circolo di Finanza until 1916; during the First World War it became accommodation for military troops; in 1921 it was once again inhabited by the Liguorini who returned after they had been sent away in 1860.

Since 2010 house museum of furnishings and art collections of the House of the Redemptorist Missionaries of Agrigento, entitled: “Furniture and Collections of the Liguorini Fathers of Agrigento. Protection and Conservation ". S.i deals with a collection of late Baroque depiction art, the result of donations and bequests, including from private individuals. Among these, there are paintings by the Palmese artist Domenico Provenzani, court painter of the Tomasi di Lampedusa, of whom he was also a skilled portraitist

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