Cobaita "Gghiugghiulena"
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Cobaita "Gghiugghiulena"

Ghiugghiulena (cobaita)

1 Kg. Of sesame seeds (gghiugghiulena)
600 gr. of thyme honey
350 gr. of sugar
250 of almonds
orange zest


Cobaita "Gghiugghiulena"

In a pan, melt the honey with the sugar, add the sesame seeds and almonds.

Stir continuously with a wooden spoon and let it boil again; when the mixture takes on a nice golden color, add the finely chopped orange peel then transfer it to a damp marble surface and flatten it with the help of a damp rolling pin until it reaches a 1 cm thick layer. approximately.

Finally, cut the gghiugghiulena into diamonds.

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