Byzantine hypogean church of Cava Petracca
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Byzantine hypogean church of Cava Petracca

Byzantine hypogean church

Small hypogean church with two aisles with traces of very deteriorated frescoes. A 200th century Madonna on a gold background is still visible on one of the pillars. AD Access is formed by a narrow sloping corridor. At the center of the square environment, a square cockpit surrounded by a parapet and pillars that reach the ceiling. It was a funerary hypogeum, three arcosoli still remain, later used for worship. About XNUMX m from the Petracca houses

Area of ​​archaeological interest, art. 142 letter m) Legislative Decree 42/04 

(Text source: survey form no.346 Landscape Plan of the Province of Syracuse - Archaeological Heritage)

Archaeological Heritage Sheets Landscape Plan of Syracuse

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