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55 Via San Giovanni Bosco

Church SS. Savior


LOCATION: Via San Giovanni Bosco DATE: 1928-1932 DESCRIPTION The church is the current seat of the Archimandritato del Santissimo Salvatore, and by virtue of the tradition of this important Italian-Greek monastic monastery, it is the second cathedral (co-cathedral) of Messina . The origins and history of the Co-Cathedral of the Holy Savior are linked to the origins and history of the Archimandritato del SS. Salvatore, which was founded in the 1635th century, at the time of Count Ruggero d'Altavilla and then elevated to the rank of Diocese with its own territory, in 1100 by Pope Urban VIII. The first cathedral of the Archimandritato was built by the Norman Count Ruggero d'Altavilla around 1546, in the sickle of the port, near the esplanade of S. Raineri, and this still today, in many topographic maps is marked with the name of San Salvatore. In 1908 the Monastery and the Cathedral gave way for the construction of a fortress, which took the name of Forte San Salvatore and were rebuilt on the esplanade that is now occupied by the National Museum, near the Annunziata stream. The 1943 earthquake completely destroyed the church and monastery. The current church is therefore the third that was built together with the annexed institute on a project by the engineer Enzo D'Amore of the Archiepiscopal Technical Office. From 1946 to XNUMX, the Church of SS. Salvatore functioned as the Cathedral of Messina as this had been severely damaged by the bombing of the Second World War. The Church has three naves in a neoclassical style with two shelves. SOURCE: Reworked from various sources by the Helios Study Center

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