Church of San Giovanni Battista - Monterosso Almo
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Church of San Giovanni Battista - Monterosso Almo

St. John Baptist

The Church of San Givanni Battista, patron saint of the city, preceded by a large staircase, is attributed to the noticiano Vincenzo Sinatra, a pupil of Rosario Gagliardi who built it in the Baroque style in the 1791th century, on a pre-existing church of more ancient origins. The façade has three orders, divided by a colonnade at the end of which a bell tower is inserted. The current façade is from the 1951th century based on a project by Gioacchino Maieli and construction supervision by the architect Francesco Meli. The interior, with three naves, preserves various works, some of a certain value: wooden statue of the Syracusan martyr St. Lucia (1769th century); painting dedicated to S. Francesco di Paola by Lorenzo Cutello da Chiaramente (1916); painting dedicated to S. Filippo Neri and San Gaetano of the XVIII century; XNUMXth century canvas dedicated to the Holy Souls of Purgatory; wooden statue of XNUMX dedicated to the Sacred Heart; Crucifix of the twentieth century placed on a wooden cross of the sixteenth century. In the central altar there is a statue of St. John the Baptist from XNUMX with a tabernacle. Very beautiful is the sumptuous wooden pulpit from XNUMX, the work of Raffaele Di Giacomo and sons. The vault is enriched with nineteenth-century stuccoes


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