Church and Convent of S. Maria del Gesù
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Church and Convent of S. Maria del Gesù


The Convent and the Church of S. Maria del Gesù dei Minori Osservanti, located in a panoramic position in the lower part of the city, dominate the entire plain below as far as the Mediterranean Sea. The first conventual nucleus dates back to the first half of the century. XVI.
The complex, significantly damaged by the earthquake of 1693, was rebuilt while maintaining the previous system. The façade of the church does not present significant architectural elements.
The interior has a single nave with an endonarthex, separated by pillars from the hall and surmounted by the choir that repeats the three arches below. The stucco decorations of the nave still remain intact. The cartouches placed on the arch keys of both the entrance and the triumphal arch are vivid.
Of particular interest are the polychrome marble altars designed with considerable skill by the Catanese "marmoraro" Tommaso Privitera of Catania between 1770 and 1771, under the supervision of Giuseppe and Gioacchino Gianforma, while the marble cherubs placed on the sides of the central altar , always referable to the same year, are the work of Giambattista Marino of Catania.
On the left side of the Convent, in a separate chapel, there are two funeral monuments in white marble of the Bruno di Belmonte family (circa 1935). (Site text of the Municipality of Ispica)

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