Church of Santa Maria of Mecca

Church of Santa Maria of Mecca

The interior of the courtyard of the Giuseppe Garibaldi hospital. The ancient church of Mecca, whose etymology still remains shady today, appears today in its eighteenth-century appearance, rebuilt after the earthquake of 1693 on a previous building of worship linked to a small monastery. The monastery became the seat of the Garibaldi hospital after the unification of Italy.
The small church, now reduced to a hospital chapel and run by a small group of nuns, retains access to a Roman crypt. It consists of a columbarium over 6 meters long by almost 4 meters wide. This columbarium was built in the first half in lava stone and brick for the upper part, with a barrel vaulted roof. Along the four walls there are 18 quadrangular niches, one of which, on the west side, has a niche and is much larger than the others

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