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53 Descent of the Judges

Church of Santa Caterina - Palermo 

Bellini Square. The church is adjacent to a monastery founded in the fourteenth century by the Dominican nuns. It was begun in 1566 and completed in 1596. The dome and the choir were added respectively in the mid-eighteenth century and in 1863. Santa Caterina overlooks two squares: the first is Piazza Pretoria, while the second is Piazza Bellini. he interior with a single nave is very rich. The hall layout allowed the sisters to participate - unseen - in the liturgical rites from the choir arranged at the entrance through the support of two columns. The decoration of the interior spaces, as for many other Palermo churches, consists of a sumptuous set of mixed marbles, stuccos and frescoes that blend, in a single harmonious interpretation, with the supporting architectural structures. Among the painters who decorated the church, we must remember Filippo Randazzo (author of the Triumph of Santa Caterina and the Gloria delle Domenicane of 1744) and Vito D'Anna (author of the Triumph of the Dominican order and of the Allegories of the continents of 1751).

The monastic complex of Santa Caterina is considered well bound pursuant to Legislative Decree 42/2004 (DDG n.2 of 02.01.13). 

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