Church of San Giorgio - Castelmola
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Church of San Giorgio - Castelmola

Built near Punta San Giorgio around the year 1450, the church stands out for the sobriety of the architectural lines and the uniqueness of its bell tower, consisting of a short tower incorporated into the building and surmounted, in the corners, by 4 pinnacles pyramidal (clocheton). You enter the temple from an exonarthex covered by a round barrel vault and closed by a fine wrought iron gate. The plan of the church has a single nave and on the right side has a chapel dedicated to the SS. Crucifix. This room was added to the main structure, and constitutes a second nave that intersects orthogonally to the main one. In the choir, which is accessed via a masonry staircase supported by a rampant pointed arch, there is an enormous pipe organ. The marble flooring has two sepulchral tombstones of the congregations of St. George and the Crucifix with Latin epigraphs, positioned in the central nave and in the chapel. From the first one leads, via a staircase carved into the rock, to the crypt which houses the catacombs. Inside the church there are valuable works of art, including: a canvas depicting the "Incarnation of the Immaculate Conception", the statue of St. George, patron saint of the town, and an eighteenth-century wooden statue of the Immaculate Conception. In the chapel of the SS. Crucifix there are the statues of San Biagio, the Madonna Addolorata and the Dead Jesus, the canvases of the "Purgatory" and the "Mysteries of the Rosary", and an eighteenth-century fresco of the Pietà, placed behind an ancient wooden crucifix.

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