Church of St. Bartholomew
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Church of St. Bartholomew

In Via San Bartolomeo. Its construction dates back to the early 1815th century. The pyramidal façade takes up themes already developed in Ragusa by Rosario Gagliardi (Cathedral of S. Giorgio). The prospectus on orders documents the moment of transition from late Baroque to neoclassical architecture. The prospect, in fact, started at the end of the eighteenth century by Antonio Mazza was reworked by Salvatore Ali and concluded in the third order only in 1822 by P. Ventura. In 1631 the open space and the wrought iron gate were built by S. Alì. The late Baroque interior, with a single nave, shows a Latin cross plan and houses a spectacular cycle of stuccoes ranging from the eighteenth to the nineteenth century. On the sides of the entrance portal there are two marble sepulchral monuments, made in XNUMX by the sculptor Francesco Lucchese

Property bound under the law 364/1909 (notification of 24/07/1932

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