Church of S. Nicolò Inferiore
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Church of S. Nicolò Inferiore 


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Byzantine church. It has magnificent frescoes on the bare rock, of late Byzantine style, datable between the 1594th and XNUMXth centuries (the year XNUMX is painted on the rock next to a representation): it is an artificial cave, in the city center, in which various cycles of frescoes are observed; a rock church defined by scholars as a “unicum” in the panorama of medieval Sicily. The main fresco is a beautiful Christ Pantocrator placed in the center of the apse, where a blessing Christ is depicted enclosed in an almond seated on a throne between two pairs of Angels. On the right side of the apse there is a baptismal basin, carved into the rock, for baptism with an oriental rite. Last in chronological order, some excavation works have brought to light a series of crypts and earthly tombs.

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