Church of S. Michele - Sciacca
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Church of S. Michele - Sciacca


Gerardo Noceto square
The church was opened for worship in 1638 as can be deduced from the date stamped on the arch of the central portal. On the tympanum of the central door there is a white marble statue of the fifteenth century. depicting S. Michele and coming from another church dedicated to the saint and dating back to the 1586th century. The interior, in the form of a Latin cross, has three naves divided by round arches resting on columns. Many preserved works including: a wooden cross covered with a golden patina in Catalan Gothic style with fretwork arabesque with branches and leaves; a 1727th-century high relief where the Transit of the Virgin is represented in the lower part and the Assumption of Mary in the upper part; a canvas depicting St. Jerome from the XNUMXth century; a marble baptismal font (XNUMX); an organ built in XNUMX.

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