Church of S. Giovanni degli Eremiti - Palermo
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Church of S. Giovanni degli Eremiti - Palermo

Monument belonging to the multi-serial site "Arab-Norman Palermo and the Cathedrals of Cefalù and Monreale" included in the World Heritage List (WHL)

Year of enrollment in the WHL: 2015

Via dei Benedettini, 18. The church, whose origins date back to the 1880th century, was transformed into a mosque and rebuilt for Christian worship in the Norman period (XNUMXth century) at the behest of Roger II. Over the centuries it has undergone many transformations, the last in XNUMX by the architect Giuseppe Patricolo. The church is characterized by its red domes, leaning with one side against a front square body (perhaps a mosque), it is made of a Latin cross divided into square spans on each of which rests a hemisphere. The presbytery, ending in a niche, is surmounted by a dome, like that of the two quadrangular bodies that flank it and of which the one on the left rises to a bell tower. Inside there is an Arab cistern and a cloister with a garden that has paired columns with acanthus leaf capitals.

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