Church of S. Gaetano alle Grotte
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Church of S. Gaetano alle Grotte

Founded by the bishop S. Everio in 262 AD in what must have been a Roman cistern, obtained in a lava cave, and titled to S. Maria. Initially it was the seat of a martyrion which, according to tradition, housed the remains of Sant'Agata. It preserves an archosolium from the original period (walled up to obtain the altar), a false window and two seats in lava stone. The altar and part of the triumphal arch remain from the period of adaptation to a church. The building then underwent several alterations in the following centuries, including the erection of a new apogee temple dedicated to St. Gaetano, the baptismal well obtained in the former cistern, the staircase of the Norman age.

Well bound pursuant to Legislative Decree 42/2004 as "a valuable testimony of Byzantine underground architecture and a notable example of late Baroque architecture in the upper church"

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DDG n. 6580 of 21.12.2018


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