Church of S. Antonio Abate - Palermo
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Church of S. Antonio Abate - Palermo 

Via Roma. Erected in the sixteenth century with alterations in the following centuries. The current church, restored several times, in 1823 was severely damaged by the earthquake and rebuilt, most of the primitive features were lost. The interior of the church has a square shape "Greek Cross Plan". In the presbytery, on the side walls you can admire two paintings by Gaspare Serenario, "Christ and the adulteress" and "Christ and the Centurion", executed in 1757. The picture on the back wall of the presbytery represents "St. Carlo Borromeo in procession ”by Giuseppe Salerno known as the lame of Ganci (1755th century). In the left aisle you can see the baptismal font sculpted in 500 by Francesco Pennino based on a design by Ignazio Marabitti; on the rear wall there is the "Baptism of Christ", painted on slate. Immediately after the baptismal font there is the altar dedicated to the Immaculate Conception with a wooden statue by Giuseppe Bagnasco. In the apse on the left you can admire some marble reliefs, the work of Antonello Gagini, made around the middle of the 600th century which represent scenes from the Passion of Christ. In the right aisle you can admire a wooden crucifix, raised on an altar, attributed to Cinquemani, immediately after there is a reliquary with a wooden bust of the Ecce Homo by friar Umile da Petralia, made at the beginning of the XNUMXth century. Outside the church, on the sides of the entrance portal, there are two marble statues S. Pietro and S. Paolo, works by Antonello Gagini.

Crypt with an adjoining cemetery area that already existed in the XNUMXth century.

In-depth study: Pietro Todaro: The subsoil of Palermo - 1988. Downloadable at the following ACCADEMIA.EDU address:



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