Church of S. Antonio Abate
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Church of S. Antonio Abate 

sant'antonio church

The church of S. Antonio Abate was built for the first time around the fifteenth-sixteenth century, destroyed by the earthquake of 1693 and was subsequently rebuilt, the current façade, with the baroque portal, dates back to 1741. The church with a single nave, preserves valuable works:

  • Painting of S. Lorenzo Martire (1525), with the Saint represented with the grill in his hand. National Monument - School of A. Da Messina
  • San Silvestro Papa painting (XVI century), National Monument - Caravaggio School
  • Madonna del Carmine painting (XNUMXth century)
  • Madonna of the Hearts painting (XNUMXth century)
  • Holy water stoup in local stone (1413), National Monument

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