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Ramp of the Dove

Church of Our Lady of Victory (Sanctuary of the Madonna di Montalto) and the miracle of the apparition of the White Lady

There are numerous miraculous interventions connected to the Madonna that even historians narrate. During the War of the Vespers we recall the apparition on the Colle della Caperrina of the White Lady who with her white mantle defended the city walls from Angevin attacks, and the miraculous flight, also on the Colle della Caperrina, of a dove on the place where the Madonna he wanted a sanctuary to be erected. It is also told of the apparition of the Virgin, around the fifteenth century, in the countryside of Curcuraci, a village near Messina, in defense of the city from the wrath of the Son, not to mention the repeated and miraculous arrival of vessels loaded with wheat on the occasion of various famines, including thanks to the intercession of Sant'Alberto Carmelitano. Also noteworthy are the miraculous arrivals from the sea of ​​the icons of the Madonna di Dinnamare and the Madonna della Scala. (Source: http://www.madonnadellalettera.it)

Property included in the IWB register of the Sicily Region (Places of the Sacred) - Sector "Places of the Marian Worship"

  • Sanctuary of the Madonna dell'Udienza in the Convent of Carmine (Sambuca di Sicilia)

Sheet "Places of Marian Worship"

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