Church of the Holy Spirit

Church of the Holy Spirit

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LOCATION Piazza Spirito Santo 3 DATING XV - XX CENTURY. DESCRIPTION: The church of the Holy Spirit was built on the site where it stood in the thirteenth century. The circus monastery of the Holy Spirit inhabited by hermits. The cloister that withstood the earthquake remained of the ancient monastery and was discovered in 1998 during restoration work carried out in the adjacent area, together with the crypts preserved intact under the floor of the church annexed to the old monastery. After the 1908 earthquake the church was rebuilt on the same plan of the ancient monastery. The interior preserves a 364th century crucifix by Francesco de Li Matinati, and altars in polychrome marble richly framed in architectural orders all different in design and materials. The surviving ruins of the ancient church of S. Maria dello Spirito Santo constitute an asset included in the list of bound architectural assets (DM 09/08 of 02/1919/XNUMX) SOURCES: .html plus other sources revised by the Helios Study Center

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