Catacombs of S. Marco
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Catacombs of S. Marco 

catacombs of san marco

The catacomb of Sa Marco is located in the district of the same name, in the final part of the Cava, where the hill meets the plain. The catacomb is actually a set of catacombs, six to be exact and they constitute the largest paleochristian cemetery complex in south-eastern Sicily, after those of S. Giovanni and S. Lucia of Syracuse.

The largest is m. 44,20 and 17,10 wide. Its direction goes from South to Northeast. After a vestibule of m. 8 × 2 approx. the decumano largo m. 5. Immediately to the left is a small thistle with eight polysomal arcosoles, containing 25 niches. At 19 m. the corridor narrows to m. 1,50 and gives access to a vast rectangular room 22 m long. ca. and 6 wide, illuminated by three skylights. At the beginning and at the end there are two bisome canopied sepulchres; in the center a group of 6 sarcophagus tombs with crude balusters. A hundred niches have been dug into the floor, now buried or destroyed.

The catacomb, linked to a rural community, is to be located between the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries AD. To reach the catacomb of San Marco, go along the Ispica-Bufali-Marza road. About two kilometers away from the Ispica-Pozzallo-Noto crossroads, in the open countryside, on the right, trazzera (dirt road) which must be traveled for about 800 meters.

Site subject to archaeological restrictions. FROM 2042 of 09/10/1984

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