Saraceno Castle - Taormina
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Saraceno Castle - Taormina

The castle of Taormina is located on a rock of Monte Tauro, at almost 400 meters above sea level.

From here it was possible to control the Alcantara river valley. 

In the Greek and Roman age, the fortress of Tauro was the lower acropolis of Tauromenion. 

The upper one was located further north, near the current Castelmola.

According to tradition, the castle of Taormina was built by the Arabs. 

In fact, the period in which it was made is not yet known.

However, it is possible that the Muslims had their stronghold in the fortress in 1079, during the siege of the Normans.

Count Roger adopted an ingenious strategy to cut off all supplies from the Saracens: around Taormina and its fortress, the Count had twenty-two wooden towers built. The Muslims surrendered after a few months. 

During the dominion of Frederick II, called "Stupor Mundi" for its intellectual, political and military qualities, the castle of Taormina was entrusted to a noble castellan. 

The gate of the fortress was guarded by the sentries who stopped on the patrol walkways. 

The external walls have been preserved very well, while the internal ones have almost all collapsed.

Source: website of the Municipality of Taormina

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