Castle of San Benedetto (Castellaccio) - Monreale
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Castle of San Benedetto (Castellaccio) - Monreale


At the top of Monte Caputo (776 m.) It can be reached by taking a path at km 53 of the panoramic road for S. Martino delle Scale. Currently it also serves as a welcoming place for hikers, managed by the Sicilian Alpine Club (CAS). 

Built in the XNUMXth century, probably dedicated to St. Benedict, it is an example of a military monastery-fortress. According to some scholars, it was built over a pre-existing Muslim settlement, an Arab strategic outpost. In addition to the military function of sighting, the castellaccio was also intended as a resting place for monks. Inside the castle a church with three navaye was built of which only the perimeter walls remain.

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