Odogrillo or Dirillo Castle
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Odogrillo or Dirillo Castle

Location: Casale district. It can be reached from the state road 115, turning left (east) at km 283,300 and traveling along the Macconi-cozzo Perrera road for over 2 km.

Castle attested in the fifteenth century; it was already in ruins in the middle of the XNUMXth century.

Chronology of the main historical-construction phases: the castle is attested from the fourteenth century; it was already in ruins in the middle of the XNUMXth century.
Historical Background: 1282 - Odogrillo is certified as universitas - Carini, Silvestri 1882, p. 11.
1392 - the Odogrilli castrum is granted to Bernat Cabrera - ASPA, Regia Cancelleria 28, c. 180v.
XVI (meta) - in ruins - Fazello, II, p. 529.
Current property: private. Constraints: L. 431/85.
Current use: none. State of consistency: ruins that do not allow even partial reconstruction of the plant.
Planimetric system: not detectable.
Environmental reports: The site is located on the southern bank of the Dirillo or Acate river.
Description: in the Casale district there are the remains of a large wall, commonly referred to as the site of the Odogrillo farmhouse. The wall develops in a north-south direction for about sixty meters and is up to 6 m high. from the country level. It has the exposed side facing west and runs towards the river in two straight sections before thickening in an angular bulwark on the bank of the Dirillo. (Text source: Medieval Castles of Sicily - Region of Sicily - Regional Center for the inventory and cataloging of Cultural and Environmental Heritage) one 

NOTE: information extracted from the guidelines of the regional landscape plan approved with DA n ° 6080 of 21/05/1999 

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