Castelmola Castle
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Castelmola Castle

The ruins of the mighty Norman walls remain of the castle, and it is not possible to establish the exact time of construction. The only certain element, regarding the construction of this defensive work, comes from the Greek Byzantine wording of the 1334th century, engraved in the marble plaque placed on the facade of the cathedral, which reads: "this castle was built under Constantine, patrician and strategist of Sicily ". Although this suggests a location in the Middle Ages, most historians agree with an older building in the Roman period. In 1578, under the reign of Pietro d'Aragona, it was surrounded by walls and made inaccessible to be used as a functional fortress and prison even in nearby Taormina. The castle of Mola was for centuries the strongest link in the Peloritan defensive chain made up of the manors of Milazzo, Ficarra, Tripi, Castroreale, Castiglione and Francavilla; representing for the various conquerors the nerve center to conquer to take control of the territory. Another historical reference comes from the emblem placed on the top of the entrance arch which bears the words: “Castle faithful to His Majesty - year XNUMX”. The suggestive area of ​​the castle still transmits intense emotions to those who observe from the top of its walls and acquires further charm during the falconry shows that are held among the ruins.

Source: website of the Municipality of Castelmola

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