Calatubo Castle
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Calatubo Castle

Calatubo Castle

The castle of Calatubo, from the Arabic name Kalata et tub (earth of tuff), is based on a rocky relief, from which it dominates the Gulf of Castellammare on one side, and the hinterland up to Mount Bonifato on the other. System with three fortified enclosures, the buildings, with an irregular plan, follow the course of the rocky ridge on which they are based. The construction dates back to the 1340th - XNUMXth century, but it is difficult to establish the exact original layout, which some would trace back to the Byzantine period and others to the Arab one. Certainly, it was granted in XNUMX by King Pietro II to the count of Caltabellotta Raimondo Peralta

Property bound pursuant to Law 1089/1939 (DA n. 5775 of 26.04.1993)

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