Carob of Cava Candelaro
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Carob of Cava Candelaro


Photo Sheet 95: The Big Trees of Sicily

Monumental tree included in the national list (DM N.5450 of 19/12/2017)

Location:Contrada Candelaro - Noto

Type: Single shaft

Species: Carob (Ceratonia siliqua L.)

Aspects of monumentality: a) age and / or size c) ecological value  


DATA SHEET (other data)

Regional data sheet: 04 / F943 / SR / 19

Altitude (above sea level): 68

Estimated age (years):  900 (Sheet 95: The Big Trees of Sicily)

Urban context: No.

Property: private 

Access route: see the route indicated in the map below by selecting the appropriate function

Aspects of monumentality: a) age and / or size c) ecological value

Height (m): 10

Circumference (cm):1000

Constraints (Protection): Protected tree Art. 7 Law 10/2013

Proposed Declaration Notable of Public Interest: No 

Curiosity: according to what is indicated in the aforementioned sheet n.11, this carob tree has one of the largest trunks in circumference among all those recorded in Sicily

Other references:  95 card  in "The big trees of Sicily" (Regional Agency for State Forests of Sicily)

For more information on Monumental Trees, see the card: Monumental trees

For the list of monumental trees in Sicily see the card: List of Monumental Trees of Sicily

Note: One of the largest carob trees in Sicily

Card insertion: Ignatius Caloggero

Information contributions: Ignazio Caloggero, Region of Sicily, web

Note: The populating of the files of the Heritage database proceeds in incremental phases: cataloging, georeferencing, insertion of information and images. The cultural property in question has been cataloged, georeferenced and the first information entered. In order to enrich the information content, further contributions are welcome, if you wish you can contribute through our area "Your Contributions"

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