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21-37 Via Orazio Antinori

Sicilian carts in Palermo

Light Newspaper A0335 dated 05/1929
Sequence description: A characteristic Sicilian cart. On it two men and two women in traditional costumes. Between the shafts of the cart a richly harnessed horse. On the rump and on the head it has luxuriant plumes. Close-up shot of the horse. Detail of the side of the wagon and the wheel. The side is decorated with classical style designs. pp of the four on the wagon. ; Characteristic carts lined up. ; Shot of a cart. Two men and three women on it. The horse's muzzle covered with decorations. The side of the wagon. ; Carts parade along an avenue. On the sides the spectators flocked. Stages of the parade. ; Numerous carts lined up. ; Detail of one of the wagons. On it a young woman in a costume with flowers in her hand. ; Panning on a group of women and children in traditional costumes. A closer overview of some of the women in the group. pp of some of them. ; Another cart, on which there are, in addition to the coachman, four women, two of whom have large baskets on their heads. ; The parade of carts among the trees. ;

Sicilian carts in Palermo


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