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How to get there

It can be reached from Monterosso Almo following the state road n. 194 for Vizzini-Catania along which the directional signs of the equipped area will meet. At about 4 Km. From the aforementioned Municipality, take the road on the left always following the appropriate signs and, along another 1.000 meters of white road, which winds through the wooded complex of the same name, on the left, under tall pines, you will meet the first infrastructures of the equipped area, the destination of our journey. Continuing along this road you can arrive at an ancient mill, being renovated by the Forestry, around which other accommodation infrastructures have been arranged. The sight of this large building takes us back in time, and it is like taking a dip in the past, when you cross the threshold of this building, structured in different buildings.
The wooded complex is made up of oak and conifer species, the latter of which are about thirty years old, which are gradually giving way to the oaks typical of the area, and in particular to holm oaks and downy oaks. The only existing infrastructures in the area of ​​the equipped area are a multiple cooking point and many tables and benches, very well integrated into the environment.


Canalazzo wooded complex - Municipality of Monterosso Almo

Presence of architectural barriers
4 toilet
Possibility of picnics thanks to: 4 cooking points, 25 tables, for a total of 200 seats
2 drinking water points and 8 non-drinking water points

Managing Body

Department of Regional State Forestry Company

Provincial Office of the Ragusa Company

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Note on Sources

The information on the equipped state-owned areas has as its main source the website of the Regional Forestry Department of Sicily (continuously updated) to which is added a very interesting brochure entitled "The State Equipped Areas in Sicily" of the same department published in 1999 with the Editorial Coordination of the 8th Group - Promotion, Development and Research, editors Agostino Gatto and Valeria Restuccia. Further information was obtained from direct access to the areas and from interviews with experts and operators in the sector.

For official information and updates to the lists, see the pages of the site of the Sicily region - Department of the Regional State Forestry Company

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