C. from Cuntarati
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 C. from Cuntarati

Presence of numerous dolmenic structures, of volcanic cones used for ritual purposes, of a rock ravine also of a ritual nature and of a lava flow cave used for burial purposes, all referable to the ancient Bronze Age (2200 - 1450 a . C.) which so far represent the only evidence of megalithism in the Etna area and in north-eastern Sicily
Orazio Palio and Maria Turco: Bronte (Catania). Megalithic structures in the Etna area. Newsletter of the Italian Institute of Prehistory and Protohistory. 2015
Site subject to archaeological restrictions
  • file 555 Landscape Plan of the Region of Sicily - Fact Sheets Linked archaeological sites
  • http://www.sitr.regione.sicilia.it/geoviewer/
  • Guidelines of the regional landscape plan 

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