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Library of the State Conservatory of Music V. Bellini

The library of the Palermo conservatory has very ancient origins: it dates back to the times of the Good Shepherd Conservatory, active in the XNUMXth century. A real library, however, developed in the XNUMXth century thanks to the donation of Baron Pietro Pisani. The library contains important works by Sicilian authors of the past and manuscripts and autographs of considerable importance. These include a cantata by Georg Friedrich Händel and a sonata by Muzio Clementi, as well as some autographed music by Gioachino Rossini and Gaetano Donizetti recently found. The library also houses an important collection of cantatas and arias from the 50.000th century, Sicilian music written between the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries, autograph works by the clarinet virtuoso Antonio Pasculli, Pietro Raimondo, Antonio Scontrino and the written treatise on music theory. by Giuseppe Parisi. The assets of the library total approx. XNUMX bibliographic units.

Type of heritage: Musical

Authors represented: Muzio Clementi, Gaetano Donizetti, Georg Friedrich Händel, Giuseppe Parisi, Antonio Pasculli, Pietro Raimondo, Gioachino Rossini, Antonio Scontrino.

Services: Consultation, Internet Consultation, Loan, Reproduction copies

(Text source: http://bibliolmc.uniroma3.it/node/866

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Photo: http://bibliolmc.uniroma3.it/node/866

Information contributions: Ignazio Caloggero, Web 

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